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Thanksgiving Myths,Cooking the Turkey Tips and favorite Recipe 2014

Posted on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 01:50 PM

The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, full of good food and friends. Every year we have quite a big group at my house. I think the count this year will be over 20 people. As I think about thanksgiving, its hard not to think about the Pilgrims. So I decided to do a little web search and see what came up that I might share with you. At the End of this I will give you some useful information on how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey and share how I like to cook the turkey.

On the  History News Network, I came across Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

Here are a portion of that article...

Top 10 Myths About Thanksgiving

By Rick Shenkman

MYTH # 1

The Pilgrims Held the First Thanksgiving

To see what the first Thanksgiving was like you have to go to: Texas. Texans claim the first Thanksgiving in America actually took place in little San Elizario, a community near El Paso, in 1598 -- twenty-three years before the Pilgrims' festival. For several years they have staged a reenactment of the event that culminated in the Thanksgiving celebration: the arrival of Spanish explorer Juan de Onate on the banks of the Rio Grande. De Onate is said to have held a big Thanksgiving festival after leading hundreds of settlers on a grueling 350-mile long trek across the Mexican desert.

Then again, you may want to go to Virginia.. At the Berkeley Plantation on the James River they claim the first Thanksgiving in America was held there on December 4th, 1619....two years before the Pilgrims' festival....and every year since 1958 they have reenacted the event. In their view it's not the Mayflower we should remember, it's the Margaret, the little ship which brought 38 English settlers to the plantation in 1619. The story is that the settlers had been ordered by the London company that sponsored them to commemorate the ship's arrival with an annual day of Thanksgiving. Hardly anybody outside Virginia has ever heard of this Thanksgiving, but in 1963 President Kennedy officially recognized the plantation's claim.

MYTH # 2

Thanksgiving Was About Family

If by Thanksgiving, you have in mind the Pilgrim festival, forget about it being a family holiday. Put away your Norman Rockwell paintings. Turn off Bing Crosby. Thanksgiving was a multicultural community event. If it had been about family, the Pilgrims never would have invited the Indians to join them.

MYTH # 3

Thanksgiving Was About Religion

No it wasn't. Paraphrasing the answer provided above, if Thanksgiving had been about religion, the Pilgrims never would have invited the Indians to join them. Besides, the Pilgrims would never have tolerated festivities at a true religious event. Indeed, what we think of as Thanksgiving was really a harvest festival. Actual "Thanksgivings" were religious affairs; everybody spent the day praying. Incidentally, these Pilgrim Thanksgivings occurred at different times of the year, not just in November.

MYTH # 4

The Pilgrims Ate Turkey

What did the Pilgrims eat at their Thanksgiving festival? They didn't have corn on the cob, apples, pears, potatoes or even cranberries. No one knows if they had turkey, although they were used to eating turkey. The only food we know they had for sure was deer. 11(And they didn't eat with a fork; they didn't have forks back then.)

So how did we get the idea that you have turkey and cranberry and such on Thanksgiving? It was because the Victorians prepared Thanksgiving that way. And they're the ones who made Thanksgiving a national holiday, beginning in 1863, when Abe Lincoln issued his presidential Thanksgiving proclamations...two of them: one to celebrate Thanksgiving in August, a second one in November. Before Lincoln Americans outside New England did not usually celebrate the holiday. (The Pilgrims, incidentally, didn't become part of the holiday until late in the nineteenth century. Until then, Thanksgiving was simply a day of thanks, not a day to remember the Pilgrims.)

MYTH # 5

The Pilgrims Landed on Plymouth Rock

According to historian George Willison, who devoted his life to the subject, the story about the rock is all malarkey, a public relations stunt pulled off by townsfolk to attract attention. What Willison found out is that the Plymouth Rock legend rests entirely on the dubious testimony of Thomas Faunce, a ninety-five year old man, who told the story more than a century after the Mayflower landed. Unfortunately, not too many people ever heard how we came by the story of Plymouth Rock. Willison's book came out at the end of World War II and Americans had more on their minds than Pilgrims then. So we've all just gone merrily along repeating the same old story as if it's true when it's not. And anyway, the Pilgrims didn't land in Plymouth first. They first made landfall at Provincetown. Of course, the people of Plymouth stick by hoary tradition. Tour guides insist that Plymouth Rock is THE rock.

MYTH # 6

Pilgrims Lived in Log Cabins

No Pilgrim ever lived in a log cabin. The log cabin did not appear in America until late in the seventeenth century, when it was introduced by Germans and Swedes. The very term "log cabin" cannot be found in print until the 1770s. Log cabins were virtually unknown in England at the time the Pilgrims arrived in America. So what kind of dwellings did the Pilgrims inhabit? As you can see if you visit Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, the Pilgrims lived in wood clapboard houses made from sawed lumber.

MYTH # 7

Pilgrims Dressed in Black

Not only did they not dress in black, they did not wear those funny buckles, weird shoes, or black steeple hats. So how did we get the idea of the buckles? Plimoth Plantation historian James W. Baker explains that in the nineteenth century, when the popular image of the Pilgrims was formed, buckles served as a kind of emblem of quaintness. That's the reason illustrators gave Santa buckles. Even the blunderbuss, with which Pilgrims are identified, was a symbol of quaintness. The blunderbuss was mainly used to control crowds. It wasn't a hunting rifle. But it looks out of date and fits the Pilgrim stereotype. 

How Long to Cook the Turkey

At my House, we always wonder how long to cook the turkey. Here is some very useful information on how to Cook a Turkey...

Consumer Information From USDA
Slightly Revised November 1998

Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking

Turkeys Are Cooking Faster Than Before

But "timing's NOT everything." Recommended cooking techniques must also be followed. A meat thermometer should be used to ensure a sufficient internal temperature has been reached to destroy bacteria and prevent foodborne illness -- as well as to prevent overcooking.

Many variables can affect the roasting time of the whole bird:

  • A partially frozen bird requires longer cooking.
  • Dark roasting pans cook faster than shiny metals.
  • The depth and size of the pan can reduce heat circulation to all areas of the bird.
  • The use of a foil tent for the entire time can slow cooking.
  • Use of the roasting pan's lid speeds cooking.
  • An oven cooking bag can accelerate cooking time.
  • A stuffed bird takes longer to cook.
  • Oven may heat food unevenly.
  • Calibration of the oven's thermostat may be inaccurate.
  • The rack position can have an effect on even cooking and heat circulation.
  • A turkey or its pan may be too large for the oven, thus blocking heat circulation.


1. Set the oven temperature no lower than 325 °F. Preheating is not necessary.

2. Be sure the turkey is completely thawed. Times are based on fresh or completely thawed frozen birds at a refrigerator temperature of 40 °F or below.

3. Place turkey breast-side up on a flat wire rack in a shallow roasting pan 2 to 2 1/2 inches deep.

Optional steps:

  • Tuck wing tips back under shoulders of bird (called "akimbo").
  • Add 1/2 cup water to the bottom of the pan.
  • In the beginning, a tent of aluminum foil may be placed loosely over the breast of the turkey for the first 1 to 1 1/2 hours, then removed for browning. Or, a tent of foil may be placed over the turkey after the turkey has reached the desired golden brown.

4. If a meat thermometer is not available, cook stuffing in a casserole. Mix ingredients just before stuffing a turkey; stuff loosely. Additional time is required for the turkey and stuffing to reach a safe internal temperature (see chart below).

5. For safety and doneness, the internal temperature should be checked with a meat thermometer.

The temperature must reach 180 °F in the thigh of a whole turkey (center of the stuffing should reach 165 °F) before removing it from the oven. Cook a turkey breast to 170 °F.

6. Juices should be clear. In the absence of a meat thermometer, pierce an unstuffed turkey with a fork in several places; juices should be clear with no trace of pink.

7. Let the bird stand 20 minutes before removing stuffing and carving.



  • 4 to 6 lb breast.....1 1/2 to 2 1/4 hrs
  • 6 to 8 lb breast...2 1/4 to 3 1/4 hrs
  • 8 to 12 lbs................2 3/4 to 3 hrs
  • 12 to 14 lbs..............3 to 3 3/4 hrs
  • 14 to 18 lbs........3 3/4 to 4 1/4 hrs
  • 18 to 20 lbs........4 1/4 to 4 1/2 hrs
  • 20 to 24 lbs..............4 1/2 to 5 hrs


  • 8 to 12 lbs...............3 to 3 1/2 hrs
  • 12 to 14 lbs..............3 1/2 to 4 hrs
  • 14 to 18 lbs..............4 to 4 1/4 hrs
  • 18 to 20 lbs........4 1/4 to 4 3/4 hrs
  • 20 to 24 lbs........4 3/4 to 5 1/4 hrs


For Further Information Contact:
FSIS Food Safety Education and Communications Staff
Meat and Poultry Hotline:

  • 1-800-535-4555 (Tollfree Nationwide)
  • (202) 720-3333 (Washington, DC area)
  • 1-800-256-7072 (TDD/TTY)

Food Safety and Inspection Service,
Food Safety Education & Communications Staff
(202) 720-7943; Fax (202) 720-9063

USDA Food Safety Publications

What To Do When All Else Fails Cooking The Turkey

 Butterball is the nations largest turkey producer. They have run a hotline for many years. Where you can call and get help. They are very good.

Turkey Talk-Line®

E-mail talkline@butterball.com now
Call: 1-800-BUTTERBALL
Weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
CST (Central Standard Time)


The Butterball Caclulator -- Check it out really Neat Tool



My Favorite Way to Cook a Turkey

My Grandmother always cooked the turkey in a paper bag. That is a tradition that I have not continued. I found it hard to find Brown Paper Bags with out any ink imprint on them. I Prefer to Brine my Turkey for a few days. I create a brine and then soak my Turkey in it. Here is my brine recipe:

Brine Ingredients (Based Upon 20lb-24lb Turkey)


3          Quarts Apple Cider

4          Quarts Water

1.5       Cups Coarse Sea Salt

1.5       Pounds Dark Brown Suga

4          Oranges Quartered

6          Ounces Fresh Ginger

20       Cloves Chopped

9          Fresh Bay Leaves

9          Large Garlic Cloves


In Large Sauce Pan: Over High Heat. Bring the Cider, Brown Sugar and Salt to a Boil.
Make sure You stir to dissolve the sugar and Salt. Cook for 1 minute, remove from heat. Allow Mixture to Cool.

In 5 Gallon Bucket or Pan.: Combine the water, oranges, ginger, Cloves, Bay Leaves & Garlic. I squeeze the oranges and put skin and all into mix. Then Add what you heated into the sauce pan to this bucket.

Prepare Turkey: Remove and discard fat from Turkey Cavity. Submerge Turkey in Brine. Place heavy weight on turkey to make sure its submerged. (24+ Hours in Refrigerator) I do 2-3 days. I also fill up a one Gallon Zip lock bag wth water and use at the weights to hold turkey down.

Remove Turkey from Brine: Pat down with Paper Towel till dry. Lightly brush turkey with Vegetable Oil.

Then place in oven and cook. I prefer to smoke it. I put it in a pan. I add some water to the pan. Then use Apple, Cherry and very little mesquite to wood.

I always use a thermometer to make sure turkey is cooked all the way through.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. May you and your family have a happy and Healty Thanksgiving

Michael Corey

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What Does "DBA" Really Mean

Posted on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 01:37 PM

A Fun Look at the DBA

A bunch of us got together and put our heads together for what DBA really stand for. Regardless of if its, an Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA, DB2 DBA, MySQL DBA. Here is the list we came up wth. I am sure we can find a few more, If you have one that is not on the list please share with us.


  • DBA Stands For......
  • Data Base Administrator
  • Don't be assertive
  • Doing business after-hours
  • Don't bother asking
  • Don't be afraid
  • Don't beg anymore
  • Dumb But Adorable
  • Driven By Aggression
  • Deaf But Astute
  • Drinking Beer Allday
  • Drugs Beer and Alcohol
  • Deep Brain Activity
  • Deaf But Astute
  • Dubious Business Acronyms
  • Default Blame Acceptor
  • Does Bugger All
  • Do Be Accurate
  • Determined Best Always

Future DBA

If you have one that you feel should be added please let me know.

Michael Corey

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SQLSaturday - One Coming Your Way Soon

Posted on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 12:40 PM

Should My Son Become an Oracle DBA or SQL Server DBA?

My oldest son asked me for some career advice a few years ago. He was torn between going down the path of becoming an Oracle Database administrator or going down the path of being a Microsoft SQL Server DBA.  My son asked me share with him what I thought he should do.  


Oracle DBA or Microsoft SQL Server DBA


















Before I share with you the answer I gave my son and why. A little background information on myself. I started my career with Oracle version 3.  I was lucky enough early on to also work with both Sybase and SQL Server. At different points in time I have been active in both the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server community.

Both the Oracle RDMS and Microsoft SQL Server database are great products. Just attend any event and by the second time, you will feel like you are with people you have know a very long time. Where I think SQL Server has a huge advantage is their community.  The SQL Server community is a family of people who care and are passionate about the technology.  There are constantly venues all over the world where you can go to better yourself Microsoft’s technology for little of no money.  Yes for little or no money.

When I go to different events like VMWorld and I ask how many people have ever heard of SQL Saturday I am always amazed at how few people raise there hands. Usually less that 100 out of a thousand have heard of the events.

A SQL Saturdays are a mini conference where you can learn about all  facets of Microsoft’s technology. You give up a Saturday, and for the cost of lunch you will receive a full days of education with others who are there to share and learn. My hat goes off to the Board of the Professional Association of SQL Server.  Who have through smart leadership nurtured SQL Saturdays and the many local volunteers who make them possible. This and many other reasons is why I said to my Son, go down the path and become a SQL Server DBA.

If you care about being a better Professional and you work with MIcrosoft SQL Server, then make time to attend one of these upcoming events.

Dec 06, 2014 iCal SQLSaturday #359 - Istanbul 2014
Dec 06, 2014 iCal SQLSaturday #351 - Lima 2014
Dec 06, 2014 iCal SQLSaturday #347 - Washington DC 2014
Dec 13, 2014 iCal SQLSaturday #356 - Slovenia 2014
Dec 13, 2014 iCal SQLSaturday #354 - Charleston 2014
Jan 17, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #363 - Nashville 2015
Jan 19, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #360 - Israel 2015
Jan 24, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #346 - El Salvador 2015
Jan 31, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #362 - Austin 2015
Feb 07, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #365 - Melbourne 2015
Feb 07, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #357 - Cleveland 2015
Feb 07, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #358 - Albuquerque 2015
Feb 28, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #374 - Vienna 2015
Feb 28, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #371 - Tampa 2015
Feb 28, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #370 - Phoenix 2015
Mar 28, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #367 - Pordenone 2015
Mar 28, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #375 - Silicon Valley 2015
Apr 18, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #376 - Budapest 2015
Apr 18, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #364 - Boston 2015
Apr 18, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #368 - Costa Rica 2015
Apr 25, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #372 - Exeter 2015
Apr 25, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #361 - Joinville 2015
Apr 25, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #366 - Ottawa 2015
May 09, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #339 - Shanghai 2015
May 09, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #373 - Puerto Rico 2015
May 16, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #369 - Lisbon 2015
May 23, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #377 - Kiev 2015
May 23, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #378 - Curacao 2015
May 30, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #380 - New York City 2015
Jun 13, 2015 iCal SQLSaturday #379 - South Florida 2015

Michael Corey

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Oracle Database licensing on VMware vSphere Resources

Posted on Tue, Oct 14, 2014 @ 04:08 AM

Primary Goal of Oracle Salesperson

An oracle salesperson primary goal is to sell you are much Oracle product and services as possible. Using a little FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) can go a long way to helping that salesperson make quota and more importantly generate as much revenue as possible.  This article is about resources that can help make sure you don't over pay Oracle license fees and can see past the FUD that is way to often out there.

A good example of this FUD happens each time I present on Virtualizing Oracle databases on VMware at a major conference like VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld or IOUG Collaborate.

At each Q&A portion of my presentation a person in the audience brings up the point. “I was told by Oracle that the database is not supported on VMware”. Which is absolutely not true.  Yet this particular piece of FUD which started years ago continues to be spread around. This happens so often; I am beginning to think that some of these people in the audience when I present are a plants to help continue to spread thus miss-information.

Metalink Note 249212.1

This issue was put to rest over 7 years ago in 2007 when Oracle released Oracle Official Support Policy Metalink Note 249212.1 States they will support Oracle Databases, Applications & Middleware virtualized on VMware. Oracle RAC and Later is also officially supported.

In addition to what Oracle support provides you as a VMware customer have access to the Global Support team at VMware, which has a team of Oracle specialists.  Make sure you ask to deal with them, if the problem is in any way database related.

Galaxy Licensing  - Resistance is Futile

As I think about the FUD, I am hearing of late. The idea of Galaxy licensing comes to mind. . Here is an example of what I mean by Galaxy licensing. If in your organization you have a 4-node cluster. Oracle stance would be that you have to license all 4 nodes. Even if the software had never been run or installed on 2 of those nodes.

Think about this, you have never installed or run the Oracle database on 2 of the nodes, why would Oracle ever be entitled to additional licensee fees.  You might even have set up affinity rules within vSphere that prevented the database from running on two of those nodes. Oracle would still tell you needed to license all 4 nodes.

Galaxy Pricing License Scheme

What is next; Galaxy licensing.  Where my servers are in the same Galaxy, so I owe oracle additional license fees.. To me this is just another way that FUD is being used to maximize revenue.  First we had Oracle Audits, now we have a new licensing scheme Galaxy licensing all designed have you spend more money with Oracle.

When determining what you owe oracle for licenses the only thing that is relevant is the details in your contract.  Let me say that again. When determining what you owe oracle for licenses the only thing that is relevant is the details in your contract. 

Oracle Database License on VMware Resources

Here are some resources you should take the time to look at:

Oracle Licensing: Soft Partitioning on VMware is Your Contractual Right


VMworld TV – Oracle on licensing VMware / virtualized environments (Updated)


Virtualizing Oracle: Caging the Licensing Dragon


Virtualizing Oracle to Save on Licensing Costs


Understanding Oracle Certification, Support and Licensing for VMware Environments


Oracle Support Policy


Virtualzing Business Critical Applications



Oracle FUD – The Phantom Menace: Licensing on VMware vSphere




Michael Corey

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Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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Elite SQL Server database virtualization Workshop Day 1-3

Posted on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 @ 03:02 PM

Elite SQL Server Workshop from VMware and PureStorage

VMware and PureStorage together sponsored a workshop that took place at VMware corporate headquarters where they took a roomful of SQL Server experts many of whom are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP’s) and spent three days sharing with them VMware coupled with PureStorage as a platform for SQL Server database virtualization.

SQL Server Workshop Classroom

Picture Above: Classroom Where Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization Workshop Was Held

All attendees were required to sign an NDA.  Beyond the future product direction we were all free to share our opinions. This was a very gutsy move for VMware and PureStorage to make. This group of SQL Server experts is very vocal and not shy of sharing their opinions good and bad on social media with the technology community. If there was a flaw in this technology, this group would be sure to find it and more importantly share it with the technology community at large.

The event was amazing. Don't take just my word for it take the word of the many other SQL Server experts who attended:

SQLRockstar Twitter comment

@SQLRockstar "Best. Training. Class. Ever #vmware"

mrdenney twitter resized 600

@mrdenny Agreed RT @sqlRockstar So far #vmware has set a VERY high bar for any future training class I attend.

Kleegeek twitter resized 600

@Kleegeek Thank you #vmware for an absolutely amazing week wth #sqlserver crew. I had high expectations and you guys delivered and then some!

Gfritchey resized 600

@GFritchey Pretty amazing event. Thanks #VMware for all of it

cbellDBA Twitter resized 600

@CBellDBA Amazing week with @vmware & @purestorage , but happy to be heading home. Thanks for a great week guys! Lots of amazing info!

At Ntirety we were fortunate to have 3 people attend the Elite SQL Server database virtualization workshop. Here are our thoughts on the event:

SQLBeat Twitter resized 600

@SQLBeat Headed home to Orlando today from #vmware SQL workshop. Fantastic event. Thanks to all who put this together.

dba andy twitter resized 600

@DBA_ANDY Definitely +1 >> RT @SQLRockstar: Best. Training. Class Ever. #vmware

Michael Corey twitter resized 600

@michael_corey The #sqlserver database virtualization workshop held at #vmware exceeded all my expectations - outstanding thank you #vsphere #vmware

As the many conversations happened over the three days, the conversation came up a few timeson how this compared to an Microsoft MVP summit. A Microsoft MVP Summit, I have always heard is suppose to be excellent, that it is a real treat to be able to attend a Microsoft MVP Summit. The first Microsoft MVP Summit I am able to attend is coming up this year and I am really excited at attending.

What I heard from quite a few of the more seasoned SQL Server MVP's at this Elite SQL Server Database virtualization workshop that VMware and PureStorage put on was much better than a Microsoft MVP Summit. That Microsoft could learn a few things from this event. That indeed is a very high standard. A tribute to the fine Job Don Sullivan, Deji Akomolafe of VMware for putting this event together. Special thanks to Michael Adams of VMware and Avinash Nayak of PureStorage for having the vision to support this event and enable Don and Deji to bring this event to the SQL Server Community.

Mrdenny gfrithey  Gunneyk resized 600

Pictured Above @mrdenney @gfritchey @gunneyk talking at break

No Marketing - Just Solid Technical Information & Collaboration

What I think really set this Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization workshop apart was two-fold. The Attendees. A room full of SQL Server experts many of whom are Microsoft SQL Server MVPS.  The second major reason that set this workshop apart both VMware and PureStorage did not waste our time with Marketing Fluff. Both Companies brought their A-Team of speakers who really knew their products. Allowed us to ask any questions we had and more importantly listened to any feedback we had. This commitment to listening to the feedback is long term. Both VMware and PureStorage seemed to genuinely care about what we had to say and take it into account in helping to determine product direction.

Long Term Special Conduit to VMware Office of CTO

VMware has committed to the SQL Servr experts that they will have a long term special communication conduit to the VMware Office of the CTO. To quote Don Sullivan from who is an ambassador of the VMware Office of the CTO "The feedback that we have collected from the Engineers and Tech Marketing specialists was that they are all thrilled to have had the opportunity to interact with a group such as yourselves on both a technical professional level as well as a personal level"

Don Sullivan at SQL Server Workshop resized 600

Picture Above Don Sullivan an ambassador of the VMware Office of the CTO

Based upon the very engaged dialouge we had at this event from all the particpants, I think this direct line of communcation with the VMware office of the CTO is something that will be very beneficial to the SQL Server community now and over time.

Speakers interacting with SQL Server Experts resized 600

 Picture Above: Very Engaged Speakers

PureStorage SQL Server Advisory Councl

In the words of Avinash Nayak "1) Establish SQL Server advisory council – I would like to invite you all to be part of a new advisory council that I am setting up. Your feedback on product direction, messaging etc. will be invaluable to us as we look to grow our SQL Server solution. We would love for you to participate in this program as much as your time will permit (I will follow up with more details). This is one of many steps that PureStorage has commited too as a result of this Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization workshop.

 Avinash Nayak at SQL Server Workshop resized 600

 Pictured Above Avinash Nayak at SQL Server Database Virtualization Workshop

What is clear both the attendees and speakers from VMware and PureStorage benefited from the collaboration that took place this week. It was great to be part of something so special.

Commitment From The Very Top at VMware

Its no wonder so much goodness came out of this workshop with such strong commitment from VMware. The opening speaker from VMware was the CEO of VMware Pat Gelsinger. It was refreshing to have a CEO who could really talk Technical. The SQL Server experts did not hold back, it was a very engaging conversation.

Pat Gelsinger Michael Adams Michael Corey resized 600

Pictured Above right to left Pat Gelsinger, Michael Corey, Michael Adams as we present Pat a copy of my the book Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware co-authored with Jeff Szastak and Michael Webster

Commitment From The Very Top At PureStorage

Scott Dietzen the CEO of PureStorage also came to spend time with group. Once again we had a CEO who could talk Tech. Since this is my blog, I am going to take show you a picture of when we presented Scott a copy of my book Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware.

Scott Dietzen Mike Adam Michael Corey resized 600

 Pictured Above RIght to Left Michael Adams, Michael Corey and Scott Dietzen as we presented a copy of Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware that I co-authored with Jeff Szastak and Michael Webster

What is clear both VMware and PureStorage made commitment to doing this event right. Letting their technology stand on its capabilites. We were not disapointed. At one point an observation was made that a room full of Microsoft MVP's could not make the PureStorage array even break into a little sweat.

PureStorage Array and room full of SQL Server Experts resized 600

 Pictured above a PureStorage Array not even feeling the strain from a room of SQL Server MVP'

Now in the defence of the attendees of the SQL Server workshop, given enough time I am sure we could have brought anyones storage array to its knees. It was fun watching us put strain on the infastructure and see it handle it with ease.

Elite SQL Server Database Virtualiztion Speaker Line-Up was awesome

By holding the event at VMware headquarters in Pal Alto California made it very easy for both PureStorage and VMware to bring in the subject matter experts in each of the areas we covered. When that was not possible, we would do a webex. This meant that sometimes the speaker at the other end was up very late. It also once again demostrated a commitment from both these companies to getting  SQL Server experts in the workshop in front of the right subject matter experts.

Subject Matter Experts resized 600

 Picture above: Group of subject matter experts from VMware

As I attended the workshop I felt like I was drinking out of a fire-hose. So this list of speakers just does not do it Justice. So here is a partial list of who presented at the workshop.

  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware
  • Sott Dietzen, CEO PureStorage
  • David Klee, Founder Heraflux Technologies (One of the SQL Server MVP's in the room)
  • Don Sullivan Ambassador of the VMware CTO Office  
  • Deji Akomolafe, VMware
  • Avinash Nayak, PureStorage
  • Richard Mcdougall, Principal Engineer, VMware

The Agenda included:

  • Storage Fundementals
  • Windows Clustering
  • vSphere Core Networking
  • NSX & VCNS
  • Future of IT and Storage
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery in a vSphere Infastructure
  • Converged Storage
  • Vsan

This list of agenda items and speakers does not begin to do this workshop justice. It was hard to take notes as you are drinking out of a fire-hose.

 Richard McDougall resized 600

Pictured Above Jeff Buell, Performance Guru, VMware


PureStorage Speakers resized 600

Pictured Above: Group of PureStorage Speakers at workshop

This was just so much good technical information passed back and forth. It was clear that the speakers learned as much as they taught at this Elite SQL Server Database virtualization workshop.


Favorite Quotes From The Elite SQL Server Database Virtualization Workshop

Kevin Kline "Sucktacular SQL it can thrash any amount of hardware"

"PureStorae has taken the complexity of managing the storage array away."

PureStorage speaker "No nerd knobs to turn on our array"

Other Comments made worth mentioning.

@DBA_ANDY "That and the viability of considering flash storage arrays - I never had taken it seriously before other than as a single drive"

@DBArgenis "I'm thinking that disk (properly configured, of course) will not be a bottleneck for anyone in 3-5 years."

PureStorage  "we have an all inclusive pricing model"

PureStorage "We will see these things get bigger, cheaper and faster over time"

 "If its on the internet it must be true, we combat that every day"

Two things we see when customers look at flash 1. Cost's 2. Fear of change/FUD -- Fix cost and DBA's will get past

"PureStorage is fixing the mediocre crap we all have to do"

"Raid and spindles is designed for device failure. Raid with flash is very different"

"PureStorage has taken the complexity of managing the storage array away."

"NSX - Before the traffic even leaves the hypervisor we can make decisions"

VMware is bringing same benefits to server consolation are now being brought to the network

#2 area where problems happen when attempting to virtualize SQL Server is the Network being done


@DBArgenis I just met PureStorage CEO, Scott Dietzen So refreshing to hear how they're disrupting


OH: Spinning disk speed to memory speed is as an F-16 to a slug.

Richard Mcdougall VMware "99% of the problems with a database is a storage problem"

Scott Dietzen CEO of PureStorage "we have NPS scores in the 70's & 80's highest in the industry"

Scott Dietzen CEO of PureStorage "Microsoft continues to be a very close partner"

Scott Dietzen CEO of PureStorage "We focus much much more on software...."

Scott Dietzen CEO of PureStorage "IPOD was a great thing for the flash industry"

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger "we're going to virtualize every application - every single frickin' one"

Pat Gelsinger at SQL Server Database Virtualization workshop quote "Most important application is the database"


Long 3-days Workshop Almost Over

SQL Server Workshop Experts  resized 600

Pictured Above: Getting Ready to go to a Baseball Game



SQL Server Workshop on Score Board resized 600

Pictured Above: The VMware SQL Workshop on the Score Board at the baseball game.

It was a very productive week. We all leaned so much both the speakers and the attendess. We all made some new friends. We all gained more insight into what a powerful combination SQL Server sitting on a VMware virtualized platform with a storage array powered by Pure Storage is. It was great to be part of it.

Michael Corey

 Ntirety - A Division of Hosting


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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Elite SQL Server database virtualization Workshop on VMware vSphere

Posted on Tue, Sep 09, 2014 @ 12:30 AM

Serious workshop for a serious topic

During week of September 8th, VMware and Pure Storage are hosting a 3-day, intensive SQL Server database virtualization workshop at their corporate headquarters in Pal Alto, CA.  There are a number of reasons why this workshop is so unique:

  • 15 Experts, many of whom are Microsoft SQL Server MVP's (Most Valuable Professionals).
  • Being held at VMware Pal Alto headquarters enables VMware to bring in key engineers to collaborate with the SQL Server experts.
  • Open dialogue on where VMware vSphere technology is today and where it will be in the future.
  • Hands on Labs enabling these SQL Server experts to get their hands dirty with the technology.

It is not very often that you see a technology vendor so confident about the ability of their technology that they are willing to bring in industry experts of this caliber and let them get their hands dirty with it, especially knowing that they will share their experiences good and bad. I commend both Pure Storage and VMware for making this SQL Server Database virtualization workshop possible.

Why this SQL Server virtualization workshop is happening Now!

With the recent release of vSphere 5.x you now have a hypervisor able to scale up to 64 vCPUs and 1TB of RAM. The most demanding database workloads can now be virtualized and enjoy all the benefits that come along with the database sitting on a virtualization infrastructure.  For example, the database would no longer have to be shut down to upgrade the physical server the database was housed on. For a DBAs that are used to too many late nights and weekends to perform critical upgrades, this is music to their ears. It's a real game changer for the quality of life for a DBA.

VMware ESXi is a type 1, non-paravirtualized hypervisor this means there are no changes to the kernel of the guest operating system. The DBA can rest assured their database will execute exactly the same way it has always has when it was on a physical server.  For this reason and many others, there has been a huge surge within the marketplace to virtualize SQL Server and Oracle databases. I have seen this first hand at the many presentations where I poll the audience on this exact topic. The results of late have been overwhelming in terms of the percentage of the audience actively virtualizing databases.

The timing of this SQL Server workshop could not be better. To bring together 15 of the leading experts on SQL Server in a room for 3-day with top VMware engineers who will answer all their questions and, more importantly, provide them an infrastructure to try it all, makes this an unprecedented workshop. I have seen vendors in the past do Demos, but not many who are willing to bring in experts of this caliber and let them try the technology for themselves. You be the judge of the quality of these attendees:


Michael Corey – President Ntirety – co-author of 18 Books

David Klee – Founder of Heraflux, frequent blogger, Presenter numerous SQLSaturdays

Kevin Kline - Director of Engineering Services SQL Sentry Corp

Grant Fritchey– Red Gate Software – Author of three SQL Server books

Argenis Fernandez – Blogger at  “sqlblog.com”

Thomas LaRock – President Professional Association of SQL Server

Christopher Bell - DC chapter of PASS founder - CEO WaterOX Consulting

Rodney Landrum – SQL Saturdays regular and many well-known blogs

Kendal Van Dyke – Upsearch Principle Consultant

Keith Allen Kinsel – SQL Saturday Advisory Council

Joseph D'Antoni – Senior Architect, Anexinet

Denny Cherry – Denny Cherry associates and Consulting founder

Andrew J. Kelly – SoildQ  – Weekly speaker at events worldwide

Allen White – Upsearch - Ohio SQL User group president writes for SQL Pass Magazine

Andy Galbraith – Ntirety, Blogger, Presentor at SQLSaturdays


Many of you now these different people by their twitter handles. A partial list includes:

 @SQLRockstar, @kleegeek, @SQLBEAT, @DBA_ANDY, @mrdenny, @jdanton, @Michael_corey, @SQLDBA, CBellDBA,  @GFritchey

 This is a group of people who are passionate about SQL Server and not shy to share their opinion good or bad. As this SQL Server database virtualization on vSphere workshop progresses I will try to share more with you of what we learn.

World-Class Lineup of Speakers

With the SQL Server workshop being held at VMware headquarters it enables VMware to provide a very distinguished list of speakers for these attendees to interact with from key software engineers within VMware to top executive management at the company. The opening speaker is Pat Gelsinger the Chief Executive Officer of VMware who will be starting off the SQL Server workshop.

The fact Pat is making time himself to kickoff this event demonstrates a strong commitment at the top at VMware to how important it is to provide a robust virtualized platform to run your databases on.

On day two the event is kicked off by Scott Dietzen the CEO of Pure Storage. For Pure Storage corporation let this group of SQL Server experts kick the tires on a Pure Storage array says a lot about the confidence they have in their product and its abilty to support the most demanding of all business critical applications, A dataase.

 In my opinion both VMware and Pure Storage are going the extra mile to prove that the most demanding SQL Server databases can be virtualized on VMware vSphere with confidence.

The 3-day line up of presentations and workshops is quite intensive. Topics to be covered include:

  • vSphere Core
  • vMotion, DRS, & HA Considerations
  • Pure Storage Technical Overview
  • Storage Fundementals
  • Windows Clustering
  • Networking, VCNS and NSX

Looking forward to being part of this workshop and a chance to collaborate with the esteemed group of speakers.

Michael Corey

 Ntirety - A Division of Hosting


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware - Why You Should Buy the Book

Posted on Fri, Aug 01, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Well the book is finally done. Anyone who is serious about virtualizing SQL Server with VMware or any other type of database on VMware they should take the time to read this book. When I made the decision to publish this book, I put together an Authors Dream Team on virtualization and SQL Server. The database world has always been a very small world and the database virtualization world is even smaller. Everyone in this small circle rallied about this book and gave us incredible support. So in many ways this books collective knowledge goes well beyond the author’s knowledge. Just look at the BIO's of the authors and technical editors.

Michael Webster (@vcdxnz001) is based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX #66), author of longwhiteclouds. com (a top-15 virtualization blog), and a SpeakeTop 10 Vmworld Session speaker for 2013. In addition, he is a Senior Solutions and Performance Engineer for Nutanix, vExpert, MCSE, and NPP. Michael specializes in solution architecture and performance engineering for Unix-to-VMware migrations as well as virtualizing business-critical applications such as SQL, Oracle, SAP, Exchange, Enterprise Java Systems, and monster VMs in software-defined data centers. Michael has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry and 10 years experience deploying VMware solutions in large-scale environments around the globe. He is regularly a presenter at VMware VMworld, VMware vForums, VMware User Groups, and other industry events. In addition to this book, Michael was technical reviewer of VCDX Boot Camp and Virtualizing and Tuning Large-Scale Java Platforms, both published by VMware Press.

Jeff Szastak (@Szastak) is currently a Staff Systems Engineer for VMware. Jeff has been with VMware for over six years, holding various roles with VMware during his tenure. These roles have included being a TAM, Systems Engineer Specialist for Business-Critical Applications, Enterprise Healthcare Systems Engineer, and a CTO Ambassador. Jeff is a recognized expert for virtualizing databases and other high I/O applications on the vSphere platform. Jeff is a regular speaker at VMworld, VMware Partner Exchange, VMware User Groups, and has spoken at several SQL PASS events. Jeff holds a Master of Information Assurance degree as well as the distinguished CISSP certification. Jeff has over 13 “lucky” years in IT and is passionate about helping others find a better way to do IT.

Michael Corey (@Michael_Corey) is the President of Ntirety, a division of Hosting. Michael is an experienced entrepreneur and a recognized expert on relational databases, remote database administration, and data warehousing. Microsoft named Michael a SQL Server MVP, VMware named him a vExpert, and Oracle named him an Oracle Ace. Michael has presented at technical and business conferences from Brazil to Australia. Michael is a past president of the Independent Oracle Users Group; he helped found the Professional Association of SQL Server, is a current board member of the IOUG Cloud SIG, and is actively involved in numerous professional associations and industry user groups. Michael currently sits on the executive committee for the Massachusetts Robert H. Goddard Council for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Michael is a frequent speaker at VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld, IOUG Collaborate, VMUG, VTUG, Numerous SQL Saturdays & Numerous Oracle users groups


Our Technical Editor: Mark Achtemichuk (VCDX #50) is currently a Senior Technical Marketing Architect, specializing in Performance, within the SDDC Marketing group at VMware. Certified at VCDX #50, Mark has a strong background in data center infrastructures and cloud architectures, experience implementing enterprise application environments.

As we wrote this book, the community rallied around us. The result a book full of practical knowledge that will teach you everything you need to know to get optimal performance from your database on VMware.  

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 Buy at VMWarePress!

Michael Corey

 Ntirety - A Division of Hosting


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware - Now Available Pre-Order

Posted on Thu, May 29, 2014 @ 10:36 AM

 As I look back at my Blog, I realize it’s been over a year since I have been active. It’s not for a lack of things I wanted to share, but a lot has happened.

The company I founded – Ntirety - was acquired by HOSTING.  Being on the other side of the acquisition at this point, I can tell you it’s been great. To quote the HOSTING Web site, they: “Build and Operate High-Performance Clouds for Business-Critical Applications.”  When you add Ntirety’s world-class expertise on Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases, this is a very powerful combination.  The two companies compliment each other quite well and are able to combined forces to offer the best combination of cloud and database services in the world.

Even as all of this was going on, I was in the process of writing a new book: Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right with Jeff Szastak and Michael Webster. This book is now available for pre-order and will be available for purchase at VMworld.

describe the image

 Buy at VMWarePress!

Few the past few years, Jeff and I have been presenting together on Database Virtualization at VMworld to standing room only crowds. VMworld is where I met Michael Webster.We all agreed there was no single place one could go to learn how to virtualize a business critical application like a database. So we combined forces to bring you such a resource. We decided to focus on SQL Server, but many of the lessons learned in this book will benefit you if you are virtualizing business critical applications that also include the likes of SAP, E-Business Suite and Oracle. 

 Well, the book is going through its final edits as I write this blog and I am excited to finally see a resource available that provides a single  guide to how to virtualize the most demanding business critical applications.

Michael Corey

 Ntirety - A Division of Hosting


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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PASS SQL Saturday’s -- Whole Lot of Great Technical Talk

Posted on Wed, Nov 28, 2012 @ 09:14 PM


I am always amazed at how many people have still not heard of SQL Saturday a series of events put on by the Professional Association of SQL Server. At the presentation Jeff Szastak and I gave at VMworld on Virtualizing SQL Server: Doing IT RIght, we had an audience of about 800 people each time we spoke. At each presentation I asked the question how many people in the audience had heard of SQL Saturday’s and only about 50 people out of 800 raised their hands each time. 

These events are run all over the world. They cost very little and are packed with a whole lot of great Technical content taught by people working with SQL Server in the trenches.

Want to meet a real life Microsoft MVP, attend a SQL Saturday. At every SQL Saturday event I have attended I have met a number of Microsoft MVP’s.  Want to feel part of the SQL Server community; this is a great way to become part of it. At these events, I have met some great people and made a lot of good friends.

Pass SQL Saturday 173 Logo resized 600

On December 8th in Washington DC, I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #173. There will be 5 sessions running every hour from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Sample of Sessions at SQL Saturday 173, Washington DC

5 Common SQL Server Performance Issues, Jason Hall

A Complete BI Solution in About an Hour! , Aaron King

DBA Worst Practices, Disasters and Horror Stories, Mike Walsh

Designing an SSIS Framework , Andy Leonard

Minimally Invasive - Tools to Doctor Up Your Code, Wayne Sheffield (Ntirety)

Much Ado About Indexes - Tips, Tricks and TSQL, Robert Perl

Reporting Services for Mere DBAs, Jason Brimhall (Ntirety)

SQL Azure - What is it and why do you need it?, Scott Klein

Tax, Finance, and Money Tips for consultants, Brian Moran

Virtualizing SQL 2012: Doing It Right, Michael Corey (Ntirety)

More About SQL Saturday 173

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. This event will be held Dec 8 2012 at the Microsoft MTC , 5404 Wisconsin Ave Suite 700, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Admittance to this event is free, but we do charge a lunch fee of 10.00 so that we can provide a lunch - not pizza! 

To learn more about  SQL Saturday 173 Click Here

Future SQL Saturday Events

Dec 01, 2012


SQLSaturday #181 - Tokyo 2012

Dec 01, 2012


SQLSaturday #182 - Istanbul 2012

Dec 08, 2012


SQLSaturday #173 - Washington DC 2012

Dec 15, 2012


SQLSaturday #180 - Nepal 2012

Jan 25, 2013


SQLSaturday #185 - Trinidad 2013

Feb 02, 2013


SQLSaturday #195 - Mexico 2013

Feb 09, 2013


SQLSaturday #183 - Albuquerque 2013

Feb 23, 2013


SQLSaturday #177 - Silicon Valley 2013

Mar 02, 2013


SQLSaturday #184 - North Haven 2013

Mar 02, 2013


SQLSaturday #186 - Auckland, NZ 2013

Mar 02, 2013


SQLSaturday #192 - Tampa 2013

Mar 09, 2013


SQLSaturday #194 - Exeter 2013

Mar 09, 2013


SQLSaturday #187 - Richmond 2013

Mar 16, 2013


SQLSaturday #188 - Portugal 2013

Apr 13, 2013


SQLSaturday #189 - Costa Rica 2013

Apr 20, 2013


SQLSaturday #196 - Denmark 2013

Apr 27, 2013


SQLSaturday #193 - Phoenix 2013

Apr 27, 2013


SQLSaturday #175 - Fargo 2013

Sep 14, 2013


SQLSaturday #191 - Kansas City 2013

Sep 21, 2013


SQLSaturday #190 - Denver 2013


Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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IOUG Virtualization SIG - Online Symposium

Posted on Sun, Oct 28, 2012 @ 08:14 PM

Without leaving your office, you can get access to world class experts sharing with you what they know about how to sucessfully Virtualizw your Oracle Database. This is a no-brainer. The best part cost of admission is free. If you are a vendor looking at how you can be part of this. There are sponsorship oppurtunities available. If you are interested reach out to one of the two Co-Vendor Liaison Chairs - Michael Corey, Ntirety or Charles Kim at Viscosity North America. My contact information is at the end of this Blog.

November 7 - Oracle on Oracle VM

Register Today
10:00am - 10:55am CDT      Oracle on Oracle VM - Expert Panel
11:00am - 11:50am CDT     Successfully Deploy the Infrastructure Cloud with Oracle VM
12:00pm - 12:50pm CDT    The RAC OVM Templates and the new DeployCluster tool on OVM3
1:00pm - 1:50pm CDT      The Latest on Oracle VM
2:00pm - 2:50pm CDT         Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud Using Virtual Assemblies and EM 12c

November 8 - Oracle Databases on VMware
Register Today
10:00am - 10:55am CDT    Virtualizing Oracle
11:00am - 11:50am CDT    Oracle Virtualization Best Practices from VMware Support
12:00pm - 12:50pm CDT    Virtualization Migration Strategies
1:00pm - 1:50pm  CDT      Storage Best Practices for Oracle on VMware
2:00pm - 2:50pm CDT       Raising the Bar with Oracle on Vblock(tm) Systems

Day 1- Oracle on Oracle VM

Oracle on Oracle VM - Expert Panel
Panelists: Tariq Farooq, Honglin Su, Kai Yu, Mike Ault, Dr. Bert Scalzo
Virtualization is the foundation stone in the cloud computing era. In this session, expert panelists and speakers present, detail and elaborate on a comprehensive concepts overview, insights, recommendations, best practices, current strategies, pros and cons, relevance/role in cloud computing, prevalent/dominant paradigms and technologies and a whole lot more about virtualization as it relates to Oracle DBAs - from the perspective of Oracle on Oracle VM.

Deploy the Infrastructure Cloud with Oracle VM
Speakers: Charles Kim, Nitin Vengurlekar
Virtualization is the process of abstracting computing resources such that multiple operating system and application images can share a single physical server, bringing significant cost-of-ownership and manageability benefits. Though its Oracle VM, Oracle offers scalable, low-cost server virtualization solutions for varying workloads and applications, as well as the driving force behind consolidation. Over the past couple of years, Oracle VM has become a major challenger in the Oracle Database virtualization space. If you are considering Oracle databases on Oracle VM, you cannot afford to miss this session by Charles Kim and Nitin Vengurlekar, Managing Directors from Viscosity North America, as they share their virtualization experiences on successfully deploying Oracle VM and describe how customers can achieve lower CapEx and OpEx using Oracle VM.
Key topics covered in their presentation will be:
- OVM History and Architecture
- OVM Core Features
- OVM 3.x New Features
- Importance of Templates
- Deployment Workflow
- Steps towards Virtualization
- Challenges
- Best Practices

The RAC Oracle VM Templates and the New DeployCluster Tool on OVM3
Speaker: Saar Maoz, Consulting Software Engineer, Oracle Corporation
The popular RAC OVM templates were refreshed this summer to more optimally support OVM3. A new tool called DeployCluster allows for even faster automation then ever! End to end (including network setup) clsuter build with no Dom0 or Guest VM access. All previously released RAC tempates can be mixed and matches and full backwards compatibility is retained for OVM2 users. Come see for yourself how easy it is to deploy RAC in an OVM2 environment. Demos will be show live as time permits.

The Latest on Oracle VM
Speaker: Ronen Kofman, Director Product Management, Oracle VM, Oracle
Oracle VM has come a long way with great customer interest and analyst recognition. In addition to the application-driven architecture and design to scale, Oracle VM continues to drive integrated management into all aspects of the product. Join us in this session to get a technical deep dive of the latest features in Oracle VM and expanded management support.

Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud Using Virtual Assemblies and EM 12c
Speaker: Kai Yu, Dell Oracle Solutions Engineering
Oracle virtual assemblies provide a great way to simplify the deployment of enterprise-class multi-tier applications and their configuration dependencies. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder 11gR1 can create Oracle virtual assembly packages by capturing the state of an installed application topology. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c can deploy there assemblies in the cloud resulting in fully operational application stack within minutes. This session will walk you step by step through the Oracle virtual assembly creation process. This session will also demostrate how you can use Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 Cloud Control to deploy an assembly in a self-service cloud built on a Dell platform.

Day 2- Oracle on VMware

Virtualization Oracle
Speaker: Mark Achtemichuck and Don Sullivan
The world has moved beyond wondering if critical workloads can be virtualized.  The issue of interest today is how to maximize the benefit of virtualizing challenging workloads like Oracle databases.  This session will take a detailed look at how and why Oracle runs better on vSphere than on hardware, and shows how you can analyze workloads to achieve similar results and be prepared to address typical operational issues.  Mark Achtemichuck (VCDX) is a VMware Performance Specialist, and will dive deeper into how vSphere architectural considerations are related to these key characteristics, and provide guidance on efficiently analyzing and responding to performance issues you may encounter in daily operation.  Don Sullivan is an Oracle Certified Master as well as an Oracle Tier One Specialist at VMware. 

Oracle Virtualization Best Practices for VMware Support
Speaker: Mike Matthies, VMware
This session will focus on best practices from a VMware support perspective. VMware support will show attendees how to avoid common mistakes, misunderstandings of configurations and best practices learned from the trenches.

Virtualization Migration Strategies
Speaker: George Trujillo & Charles Kim, Viscosity NA
This presentation will focus on Oracle virtualization best practices. Topics will include the Oracle Virtual Infrastructure, migration options with the same endianness, migration options for different endianness and best practices.

Storage Best Practices for Oracle on VMware
Speaker: Brad Davie, EMC
Storage is a key component of any virtualized infrastructure. The speaker will discuss storage hardware and software capabilities, and provide a comprehensive set of storage best practices designed to enhance performance, scalability and availability of Oracle databases running in a VMware environment.

Raising the Bar with Oracle on Vblock(tm) Systems
Speakers: Samir Shah, VCE and Danny Dunn, Cisco
Learn how VCE delivers a pre-engineered and validated converged infrastructure to reduce costs, speed time to value and de-risk Oracle deployments. Gain an inside perspective on harnessing the power of Vblock(tm) Systems to ensure and predictable Oracle performance, as well as enhanced operational agility and scalability for E-Business Suite R12 & RAC

Michael Corey

Founder & CEO, Ntirety


My Personal Twitter Account: Michael_Corey

Ntirety Corporate Twitter Account: Ntirety

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